3 Great Ways to Grow Traffic In 2019

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“Check Out These 3 Great Ways to Grow Traffic In 2019”

3 Great Ways to Grow Traffic In 2019

Building traffic has been the major concern of many bloggers and website owners consistently year on year. Traffic simply means the number of people that visit a website. So, if you own a website or blog, you definitely want people flooding there. But how do you achieve this? There are several ways widely available on Google about how sites can increase traffic on their website. Some of them work, while some don’t, and some are simply not worth the risk such as black hat techniques.

White hat vs Black Hat techniques

We live in a world where rules are broken by the second, some get away with it and some are manually penalized by Google. If you practice white hat methods for growing traffic, then in the eyes of Google you are following the rules and hopefully will be rewarded with organic traffic. On the opposite spectrum Black Hat methods are like breaking the law. The purpose of these methods is to exploit Googles algorithms and to trick it into sending your site more traffic. These methods would include PBN’s – Public Blog Networks made for linking to your site, buying backlink’s, spamming your links, repurposing expired domains, and the list goes on and on. Google updates the algorithm often and in response the tricksters come up with more complex methods daily. It almost always catches up with them. One day they log in and find out that they have been banned on Google AdWords, blocked from YouTube, or worst case hit with a Manual Penalty.

Google’s Manual Penalty

Google knows people are trying to trick the system. SEO’s are making changes they would never do except for to increase rankings. Google knows it cannot catch all the offenders with a computer program alone. The solution? Google use its massive resources to flag websites for human reviewers to manually check the site. If your website were a Rolex, they could tell you if it was a fake from 10 feet away. All this team does is look for ways a website may be trying to game the system and if they find you guilty, it’s over. MANUAL PENALTY – judge, jury, and executioner, your Google traffic is shut off!

The Solution, Free Traffic, Google Friendly

Have you spent hours and days writing content for your blog only to find that there is nobody there to read it? Having no traffic on your blog can be so frustrating.

Even when you have quality content in your posts, it does not guarantee traffic on your blog. The truth is that you have to get your content to a place where people are. More like giving your content a fighting chance or fishing where there are actually fish. There are lots of blogs out there with similar topics and many just like yours. Many probably even have more content than you and more experienced SEO’s, but you can still have more traffic if you do it right. The key is to promote every post and every page in multiple ways.

Marketing and competition for traffic can be a bit difficult. But there are easy ways of getting traffic on your blog or website. I said easy, but they will take time (lots of time) and you will not see results right way. The key is consistency and patience.

Free Traffic from Quora

Have you heard about Quora? If you have not, then you need to check it out. Quora can be a great way of getting that traffic to your website or blog. It’s free to post on and can drive traffic if you dohow to get traffic to your website

it right.

What is Quora?

Although Quora was launched in 2009, there is still every possibility that you haven’t encountered it until recently. Quora is a user-based website. It’s more or less like a social network, you can better see it as a question and answer platform. In Quora, anyone can post a question, and get answers from experts in the Quora community.

Lots of people with high reputations have taken their turns in answering questions on Quora. The best part is that anyone can answer any question. You don’t have to be an expert to answer questions. This means you can take advantage of the platform by directing people from Quora to your website or blog. Quora is a great way for people to get traffic to blogs and websites.

How To Use Quora to Generate Traffic?

Quora can be a gold mine for traffic if you do it right. Follow these short and simple three basic steps to dominate the platform.


Firstly, you need your Quora profile to be traffic optimised. Take your time to fill out your profile. Give yourself a killer headline so that you can stand out from the numerous other Quora users. When expressing yourself, choose your words wisely because you have just 80 characters to do so in the headline. Your profile bio is important because whenever you answer a question, it appears beside your answer, so you really need to ensure that you have a reason for people to trust you.


Next, you need to look into answering popular questions. Relevant questions generally have higher traffic attached to it. There is an option on the list of topics most followed on Quora, which also shows how much traffic these topics get. Also look for answers that have lots of comments. This also shows lots of activity or traffic to this question.

Answering popular questions is what determines whether you get 50 views vs 1000 views or even more. When you find these questions, answer them in detail. This will determine the amount of traffic you are likely to get.

STEP 3: The Secret to Traffic is in the Answer you Post

how to get traffic from quora

Make your answers tell a story if you can and include pictures whenever possible. It helps people to see and understand what they are reading.

Ensure the answers you provide on Quora are correct and accurate. Always include reference links to your website. You can even post and answer your own question.

There is no hard and fast rule on the format of how to answer questions on Quora. But certain tactics can be applied.

Share your content from your website in the Quora answer and link back to it. The best method is to use your content and add a little extra to it. Short answers will not get you the traffic you need. Just like on your website, content matters, only make quality posts on Quora.

It’s okay to post your content on Quora, it will not count against you for duplicate content. Just make sure to link back to your site. Occasionally Quora may flag this and you will need to explain that you own the content and are giving your website the credit by providing a link to the original source. This is within their rules.

Post on Medium

Medium is a vast community of multi faceted users who love to read brilliant content. Even Neil Patel says Medium is one of the greatest platforms you can use to grow traffic today. They have been around since August 2012. Going back to the time when Medium was just launched, you would find out that it has been built by highly successful business men. Two of Twitter’s founders, EV Williams and Biz Stone worked hand-in-hand to bring Medium to us.

So, Medium is a platform that gives anyone of its users the opportunity to share their ideas. Medium also allows any one of its users to interact with each other, and with the content being shared to the community. There is even a section on Medium that contains its own content publication, which drives a pretty decent amount of traffic to the platform.

What is really intriguing about Medium is the traffic this platform has. With 60 million daily users posting your content on Medium would only be to your advantage. See it more like tapping into a gold mine.

Benefits of Medium in Growing your Traffic

how to get traffic from medium.com

One of the benefits of the Medium platform to bloggers and website owners is that they can get users to visit their own webpage through this platform. And if you do it right, it can be a source of long-term traffic in future.

When signing up for Medium, users select interests that will be turned into emails containing Posts written on those topics. If your content is selected then your posts will start to show up in massive numbers in Medium member email boxes. The only way for this to happen is to produce and post quality content, but the secret is that it doesn’t have to be new content.

How to use Medium to Generate Traffic

There are four basic steps to take to get that traffic on your blog or website. These steps will get you into the Medium platform and posting in no time.


Before you are able to do anything on Medium, you first to have an account with Medium. And to create an account with Medium, you need to use accounts like Google, Twitter, Facebook, or an Email address.

To complete your profile, you need to choose an area of interest, depending on what your blog is all about, or what content you have up there. You would also need to follow people.

Now, if you do not already have anyone in mind, based on your area of interest, people would be suggested to you. Whatever these people post would be shared to your custom read list.


Customising your profile is quite important. For you to attain credibility in the eyes of users who are likely to read your post, your profile needs to stand out. Make sure that your profile on Medium is consistent with your other profiles around the web. This way when users want to know more about you, they can find you easily.


Now that you are done with filling out your profile, publishing your first content is next. Publishing content on Medium is the most important of them all. This is a determining factor to the amount of traffic you can get out of Medium

So, ensure your content is attractive, entertaining, and educating. Don’t be boring. Also, add images to the post. Ensure all hyperlinks leading to your website or blog are working correctly.

Remember above I mentioned that it doesn’t have to be new content. You can literally add your existing posts from your website to Medium. Make sure to use Mediums migration or importing tools when reposting your links. By doing this the proper canonical url will be applied and Google will recognize that your website contains the original.

Backlinks through Guest Posting

Guest posting on blogs and websites is also another great way to grow traffic today and increase rankings. This way you can get people to use your backlink for a particular content, which leads tohow to get quality backlinks

your webpage. To go about this, there are a couple of steps to take for guest posting, and getting that traffic to your webpage.


First, you need to search for websites and blogs that accept guest posting. You should be looking for blogs in your niche or shoulder niche (related niche). The more relevant a backlink to your site the better. Not all websites and blogs allow guest posting. Some blogs and websites have never thought about guest posting. Just because you can’t find a page about guest posting does not mean that you should not try. All you need to find is an email or Facebook page to contact them.

There are many tools that can help you research competitor’s backlink profiles. By using these tools, you can figure out what blogs may be the most beneficial to target. Tools I would consider subscribing to when doing backlink research are, Spy Fu, SEMrush, and AHREFS, they all are similar and would work for finding targeted sites.


Next step is to sort out your targeted websites and blogs you have gotten from searching; you can track this on a spreadsheet. You need website names and email address. Create a few more columns for when you emailed them. I usually will make more than one attempt at contact.


Start with making comments on their webpage and social media pages. Leave very insightful and intelligent comments. Follow them on their social media handles, and help them with a couple of things like citing a source. Basically, create a good repo with them.

As soon as they get familiar with you, introduce yourself and tell them who you are, what you write about, and how you are interested in guest posting.


As soon as you get approval and support from them, you can proceed by posting on their website or blog.  Always Proceed with Respect

Just like on your site, quality is important. No one wants to waste a bunch of time editing someone else’s work. Make sure you provide quality content.

Make your content serve a purpose. Guest Posting is about providing value for the host website and their readers, it is not about spamming links.

Provide exactly what you say you will and don’t be greedy. Building a relationship with a website should prove beneficial for both sides, don’t ruin it with spam ridden content. Keep your site backlinks to a maximum of two.

-Written by Mike Epson

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