7 Email Opt In Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make

“Check Out These 7 Email Opt In Mistakes”

Lets face it, we are all told that we MUST start building a list of subscribers from Day 1 of our online business! Believe me, I did not do this for a few years. In fact I did not do it properly until recently! Below are the main 7 email opt in mistakes that most of us are guilty of.

You see, it is one thing putting up an opt in page or box but what if nobody signs up. It is hard NOT to take it personally.

It can start to feel like nobody is interested in joining you on your journey through the trials and tribulations of internet marketing. But it is NOT all your fault. Or is it! 

I currently read a very useful article (whole article HERE) highlighting the 7 main email opt in mistakes made by the likes of you and me.

Carry on reading and see if you are committing these cardinal sins!

Here are the 7 Opt IN Mistakes

  1. You Have Created What You Think Your Audience Need – It is easy to look at your audience and try to work out what they need, but often times we get it wrong and that is NOT what they actually need. If your website visitors are not biting at your opt in offer, then you need to take a step back and question what it is that they are coming to your site for. You should always be testing your offers anyway, but if you are constantly trying to second guess your visitors minds, then you could be on a course to disaster. Ask yourself whether what you are offering is answering exactly what they have arrived at your site for and does it give them actionable steps to take away and have a positive outcome.
  2. Do NOT use flowery and cryptic headlines on your opt in page – Sorry to have to tell you, but many people arriving at your website need to be spoon fed with what you want them to do. They seem unable to work out what you are trying to tell them! When crafting your headline, be succinct and straightforward, not creative. There is a time and a place for creativity. At the end of the day, you want them to arrive at your site, sign up onto your list and then go (or continue checking out your site afterwards). The End! You only have a few seconds to grab their interest, so tell them your offer is Free and also where to sign up and with what info (e.g name and email address).
  3. Capture Their Interest Quickly – Pop ups got a bad rap in the recent past, but if you use them wisely you can get more people signing up onto your list. A 2 step opt in works very well. Give them a simple button to click first. E.g A button with Download / Get Access which when clicked takes them to the actual opt in form on a pop-up where they enter their email address.
  4. Are You Guilty of, As Your Kids Would Say, TMI? – That is Too Much Information! As in, are you asking your visitors for too much information on your opt in form. The maximum how to build an email listyou need is email address and name. However, in most cases you can just ask for the email address. And make sure you ask for their BEST email address to prevent them from giving you some garbage email that they never check.
  5. Are you Split Testing? – I was guilty of this one BIG time up until recently. You MUST be testing your headlines, your opt in pages, your images, everything. But only have 1 difference at a time. Otherwise you will not know which element is working or causing you the problem.
  6. Are You Pretty Enough? – No, not you personally! Lol! I wouldn’t be that rude!! Is your opt in page aesthetically pleasing? Are you using images on it? Do you have a background image? Try changing the colors of your buttons as well. I find green or orange works well. Make sure that you also have an image of what you are offering.
  7. Trust Takes Years to Build – Without trust, it could be said, that you have nothing! But how do you gain your visitors trust I hear you ask? Social proof is a good one in this day and age. Maybe if you already have a following on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you could screenshot the number of followers and add the image to your opt in page to give credibility. Maybe you have testimonials. Add one or two to the bottom of the opt in page. Or better still if you have had something published on a nationally recognised publication e.g Huffington Post, Forbes, Washington Post, even your local paper if you are clutching at straws!, put an image of the publication with “As featured in ” above it.

So, there you have it, how did you do? Rectify these 7 email opt in mistakes and you will see your opt in percentages rise very favorably indeed.

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