Best Email Subject Lines for Sales

“Do Your Email Marketing Subject Lines Suck?”

Best Email Subject Lines for SalesIf you are anything like us, you will constantly struggle to come up with compelling subject lines for your email marketing! What’s more, you see so many others out there writing awesome headlines that just leave you scratching your head!

Over the 10 years that we have been marketing online, we have always felt like failures when it comes to writing great emails. And now, there is a need to make not only the headline awesome but to write a story inside your email as well.

Now, we consider ourselves to be good wordsmiths but this is a subject that leaves us wanting.

So, how about you, do you struggle too?

The average open rate in 2018 was 24.8% and despite what many people would have you believe, email marketing is alive and kicking.

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We used to use Convertkit for our email marketing but we found that we were only getting just over 10% open rate.

So we have changed over to Aweber, which is far easier to use in our short experience.

How are your open rates and who do you currently use? Let us know in the comments below.

Getting Better Email Open Rates

The success of email campaigns can be gauged by the number of email open rates. The more people that read your email, the greater the chances of people taking the desired action. But for Best Email Subject Linesthis, the readers must be motivated into clicking on the link.

The very first thing which any reader will notice is the subject line. It is the most important factor which should resonate with the mind of the readers and should compel them to open and read the email. The subject line should be personalized depending upon the recipient’s interest, and other factors. So creativity needs to involve creating words of motivation. The brand should make its mark so much so that the customers must set up expectations for the brand. Recipients should be anticipating the emails. For this the services or products provided by the company should meet their current needs and interest. The recipients should know what to expect when they are opening the email and they should be made to feel that they will miss something very important if they didn’t open your email.

Another factor which forces the reader to open the email is his relationship with the company. Email readers fall into different categories.

They can be

  • irregular purchasers,
  • potential clients,
  • information hungry subscribers or
  • existing clients.

The method by which they decided to subscribe and the reason also tells a lot about the customer’s interest. Did they find the website through a search engine or did they sign up when buying products? The subscribers who have sought for information and then signed up for the emails are more likely to open the email, when compared to subscribers who signed up while buying a product . .

A strong personality is a must for the success of the email.

good email subject lines for introductionThe mailing frequency is also a very critical issue. To frequently send mails will hamper the growth of email open rates as the recipients will get irritated, so does scarcely send mails as the recipients will not remember who you are. The time of sending is also important. Test different times and days for finding out which time works best for every type of audience. The time of the year should also be considered here. People tend to open emails less frequently in summer which means lower email open rates.

Holiday season means good email open rates for commercial emails and lesser email open rates for information oriented emails and newsletters. The number of legitimate opt-in emails being caught in the spam filters is increasing by the day. Although the message is being shown as ‘delivered’, the end recipient won’t be seeing the email at all. Care should be taken to avoid certain words and symbols which are the cause of spam filtration.

The bottom line is to do every job exceedingly well in order to achieve higher email open rates. 

So, How Do I Create Emails That Get Hordes of People Opening Them

Well, you could trawl the internet and research many other marketers to see what works for them. Or you could see what comes into your own email inbox and keep a note of emails that draw your attention. As a marketer yourself, if they are good enough to entice you, they will likely entice other people too.

Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

  • Only use 1 capital letter (at the start of the sentence) and keep the rest in lowercase. Capitalising the first letter of every word just makes it obvious it is a sales email.
  • Personalize the email. When people see their name it entices them in from the sea of other emails.
  • Use emojis. This also makes your email stand out in the crowd but be aware that emojis appear in black and white on older PC’s which still have Windows 7 installed! Yes people around the world still use it.
  • Try to ask a question in your headline. People love to answer questions in their head.
  • It sounds obvious but keep your headline relevant to what you write in your email.
  • Make sure your sender name is recognizable with your brand. Don’t send it from for example!
  • Quite often numbers in headlines entice too. For example “Best 7 Email Subject Lines for Sales”

What If You Need More Help?

So, by now you have a bit more of an understanding of what is needed to look enticing, right?

But what if you are still scratching your head thinking, Help!!!!

Well, we have good news. John Di Lemme, an experienced Strategic Business Coach, has put together his Best 177 Email Subject Lines that have actually produced results for him. That has got be worth a look, yes?

Imagine, having the work done for you. Not having to sit scratching your head for ages trying to think of something inspiring. Just open John’s treasure chest and pick out the email headline of your choosing.



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