Best way to build an email list from scratch

“This is the best way to build an email list from scratch”

Best way to build an email list from scratch

If you have been in the online marketing niche for even a small amount of time, you will have heard the term “the money is in the list!”

We actually believe that the saying should be “the money is in the relationship you build with your list!”

It is all well and good creating a list of subscribers but if you don’t ever send them some follow up emails, what is the point of having a list?!

You may have a list, but if all you do is send them promotions without any educational stuff, then you will turn people off very quickly.

So, let’s not get ahead of ourselves! We need to create one first don’t we? Let’s check out the best way to build an email list from scratch.

So, where do we start?

First off, you will need to create or obtain a freebie which you will entice your potential new subscribers. In days gone by, it was acceptable to give away a hefty ebook as a giveaway but these days things have changed. People now have less time to spend reading your offering. Also, a big percentage of people access the internet on their phones or tablets. Therefore, if your giveaway is a download, they will not do that on their phones. you are better off making your freebie a short report or a video. People love watching videos and are happy to read a short report on the go!

So, “I have nothing to offer them” I hear you ask!

If you really are not in a place in your business where you feel capable of writing a short report or making a video, there are solutions.

First off you need to find a subject that your target market feels passionately about and needs a solution for. So, to find this go to forums within your chosen niche and see what questions are being asked on a regular basis. You could go to or Yahoo Answers and see what is popular too. Another possible place is where you will find the latest viral content online.

Once you have narrowed down a topic, go to a website called and search “write a short report” or “create a short video”. You will see many people offering this as a service which saves you having to do the work yourself! Only go for reputable sellers with a lot of positive feedback though. You wouldn’t want to get a piece of garbage would you?! There are also PLR websites as well. PLR stands for Private Label Rights. This gives you the ability to use what others have done and give it away or even sell it as your own.

Some good websites for this are:

We use these and other sites to find great content for our websites and also our giveaways. The really are useful.

You have a freebie, what next?

You will need a landing page to drive people to with the only intention of them signing up to your freebie. There are lots of possibilities for this depending on your budget! You can go for the Rollshow to build an email list

Royce of landing pages with Clickfunnels, but this comes in at $97 per month. You would need to be getting a good amount of sign ups and sales for this to cost in! Then there are others like Instapages, LeadPages, Thrive Themes and Optimize Press.

If you are using WordPress for your website, then there is a WordPress plugin called Elementor which will do the trick. There is s free version and also some upgraded versions, with more functionality, as well.

We have used Clickfunnels in the past but we closed our account as whilst it was good, it was not financially viable. We also use a tool called Wishloop. This gives you the ability to build landing pages and also pop-ups which work like gang-busters! We have obtained a special promo code if you want to give Wishloop a try. Go HERE and use the code save10

How do I store the Email Addresses?

So, you now have a freebie and a landing page. But how do you store the email addresses that your subscribers enter. You do this with an autoresponder which stores the email addresses and gives you the ability to send follow up messages to them on autopilot. We use 2 as it is always good to have a Plan B if one goes down! Our 2 weapons of choice are:

They both have good tutorials to get you up an running. Aweber is cheaper than Convertkit and is probably a little easier to use if we are honest.

So now what?

So now you have a freebie, a landing page and the means to send out follow up messages. What is next?

Now you have to start building a relationship with your list – remember that from the start of this post?

Personally we send out daily emails for about the first week, with educational content incorporating a link to the main promotion that we want them to eventually purchase. In our case it is the online marketing training platform Wealthy Affiliate that we promote. The emails centre on the benefits of WA (free websites, free web hosting, free training, free support and more) coupled with how they should start to get things started.

Once the first week is over, tail it back to about 3 times a week. These should be 2 educational and 1 promotional email. this way it keeps your subscribes from getting bored and cheesed off with a barrage of promotions!

If you are struggling to know what to write, sign up to other people in your niche and see what they write. This is a very underused tactic but one that has worked wonders for us. Don’t plagiarise their emails , simply model them.

So, how does that sound? Are you ready to get working on your first list building campaign?

If you want some further help check out our 12 part email list secrets course. You can get it a Special Offer Price of $3 (usually $27)

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