Copywriting Tips for Beginners

“Check out these Copywriting Tips for Beginners”

copywriting tips for beginners

How would you like your sales pages to make way more sales than they currently do?

If so then you need some copywriting tips for beginners to boost your sales copy.

But first here is a little bit about copywriting in general.

So… What Is Copywriting

In general, it is writing that promotes a person, opportunity, idea or opinion. Since we’re discussing websites, we will just assume the writing will be on a website (and this will be referred to as search engine optimization copy).

There are definitely other mediums that make use of copywriting and copywriters; television ads, radio commercials, billboards, bus ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads, etc. You come up with the idea and the point behind writing copy.

It is particularly designed to persuade, entice, motivate a listener or in the case of a website a reader to take action. That step could be anything from buying a product to subscribing to a newsletter, from sampling a product to participating in a survey or poll.

By the way, you can also make use of copywriting to persuade a reader to not do something or not trust something.

What types of materials make use of copywriting? Body copy, headlines, slogan, direct mail pieces are biggies, taglines, jingle lyrics, slug lines, scripts, captions, the World Wide Web, news releases, research and white papers and Internet (website) content. It’s a pretty extensive list, isn’t it? And it’s just the tip of the iceberg too.

Don’t forget there are also things like print ads, mail order catalogs, brochures, postcards, greeting cards etc. Copywriting is an excellent line of work to be in if you are any good at it, as there will always be work.

When used on websites, copywriting usually refers to the method or style of writing and wording content that is slanted to achieve higher rankings with the search engines. This is actually known as content writing which means the proper positioning and repetition of keywords and keyword phrases on a website.

At some time, writing content for websites served as a means of getting better rankings because the writing was geared to the search engine algorithms. That is no longer the case and writing is now more geared to human visitors and search engines.

Another form of viral copywriting can be in putting a lot of content on other people’s blogs. In fact, you can pay to have your product promoted on different blogs for a set fee. You may not have to choose the copy related to your link, but it can be a straight mention on a blog that may have hundreds, or even thousands, of readers. The trick with this type of writing is to produce fluent and readable copy/content written with an eye to search engine optimization.

The Importance of a Sales Letter Layout

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copywriting tips for beginners

Writing sales copy is beyond content, it is also about presentation. If you selected a brochure on a table and all you saw was one huge paragraph, you would return it right away without reading it much. In this multimedia age, people look forward to being fed information in a way that is so easily understood, that it has almost been “pre-chewed” for them. That means they do not want a copy that is too complex to interpret, hard to read, or makes them tired after they’re through reading it.

Here is some easy presentation expertise that you should use in all your sales copy to assist your copy to jump out of the page, capture the reader’s attention, all the while they are being fed the most important benefits of your product or service.

Your web page or paper is your canvas. You don’t want to fill every inch of your canvas with words. Leave some white space for the reader to appreciate. This serves two functions. One, it is more visually appealing. Two, it is less tiring on the eyes. If you have very small white space, what eventually happens is that your copy looks muddled and too complex to wade through. This may look insignificant, but it is actually one of the most significant pieces of information on good web page design and copywriting.

In this era of multitasking and digitized communications, having to go through a ton of copy to pass a message across is just too much work for many people, especially those who are busy. You don’t know when the visitor is truly checking your website. They might be at work on their lunch break.

They might have come across it from a search engine or they even have friends who tell them about it on a social networking site. Odds are, they aren’t going to want to give you more than three minutes’ top to make a good impression. If that impression is one of clutter and disorganization, you will have lost a visitor potentially before they’ve even read a single word.

If you want to add white spaces without ruining your copy, there are several ways to do it. The most obvious are to write copy that sells the benefits in bulleted lists. By what you’ve just learned within this article, you would have got a better understanding the layouts of a sales copy.

So Here Are Some Great Copywriting Tips for Beginners

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In this day and age, copywriting is an art form which is a skill which every online marketer needs to master. The days of just throwing something up on your website and hoping for the best are gone. You need to write stories which come back around to the offer you are promoting at the end.

Writing awesome headlines is one of the biggest jobs of a copywriter. Getting an email opened or an ad clicked is a difficult job these days. Life is so busy and hectic that people will only scan things that confront them on their devices so you need to pique their interest.

I recently saw a marketers email which was titled “She received news her husband had been killed in the war – so did THIS (OMG!)” He also wrote in another one “Former Bunny says Playboy Mansion is Haunted”. These both got me interested to know more!

The first one told a story and I got all the way through without a pitch and thought What is he promoting with this?. Then ther was a P. S which read

“P.S. If you’re looking for an easier, safer and less noisy career than tank driving, how about making a living from the comfort of your own home?” – Clever!

The second one finished up with an offer for Ten Micro Models! Again, a clever play on words.

So, you can see what copywriters are up against these days.

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