Facebook Ads Training 2019

“Check out our Fresh New Facebook Ads Training for 2019!

You may know that Facebook is set to make $4 billion with over 90% of it’s advertising revenue now coming from mobile. This shows that businesses are still adopting Facebook ads as a marketing channel. Let’s be honest, even despite their calamities last year, they still have the best targeting capabilities.

But still there are millions of people who are struggling everyday to use Facebook advertising to its full potential. Like you they are desperately looking for proper guidance and training to get a profitable, successful Facebook Ad Campaign.

  • 95.8 percent of social media marketers are using the Facebook ad platform
  • Every minute 400 new users sign up to join Facebook.
  • 85% of smartphone owners use the Facebook app.

Facebook Ads is still more relevant and effective than most other platforms and also raises brand awareness, builds relationships and drives quality leads to buy more products and services. It is not a case of whether you use Facebook ads or not, it is a case of how do you make them effective!

What Will You Discover in this Fresh New Training?

  • Chapter 1: What Are Facebook Ads All About?
  • 2: Facebook Ads Manager Walkthrough
  • 3: How To Advertise A Facebook Page Post
  • 4: Creating A Facebook Ad With The Ads Manager
  • 5: How To Increase Engagement With Facebook Ads
  • 6: Creating A Video Advertising Campaign For Facebook
  • 7: Creating A Lead Capture Campaign
  • 8: Promoting Your Local Business With Facebook Ads
  • 9: Creating And Installing A Facebook Tracking Pixel
  • 10: Driving Actions On Your Website With A Conversions Campaign
  • 11: Setting Up A Remarketing Campaign on Facebook
  • 12: Taking Advantage Of Facebook Custom Audiences
  • 13: How To Get All Your Facebook Ads Approved
  • 14: Facebook Ad Tips For Advertisers In 2019
  • 15: Crazy Facebook Ads Strategies To Apply In 2019
  • 16: Setting Up A Facebook Advertising Funnel That Converts
  • 17: Do’s And Don’ts
  • 18: Premium Tools And Services To Consider
  • 19: Shocking Case Studies
  • 20: Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Thanks again for a great post just packed with valuable information. I’m going to get that training on facebook ads next month! I already got my domain name here on your site through Hostpapa. Hey, who loves ya?

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