How to Rank your Website Higher in Google

“How to Rank your Website Higher in Google”

One of the fastest and best ways to rank your website higher in Google is to look at the content you already have on their. I am sure you will agree it can get a bit soul destroying having to come up with new content ideas every day. So what better way than to go back over your old content and try to rank it higher by tweaking it.

So just how do you do this?

Step 1: Put together a list of your content that is already getting seen in Google.

Fire up the Google Search Console and click on the Performance tab on the left. This is an example from just one of our sites which has only been going for a couple of months.

How to Rank your Website Higher in Google

This brings you to the page you see above. Scroll down to the search query details. Click on Impressions on the right hand side as per the image below.

How to Rank your Website Higher in Google

This will show your most seen content from top to bottom. Now click on Pages (see the arrow below) and then Impressions again.

how to increase google ranking for free

This shows you the pages on your website which are getting the most impressions (views) in Google. So lets click on the top one first and then click on Queries. This will give you a list of the search queries on that page that are being found in Google.

how to improve google search results

So, as you can see, my webpage came up in the search results 71 times in the last couple of months for the term content samurai. (Incidentally, you can read our full review on the No.1 video creator HERE).

Now, don’t get too excited just yet! Where have these 71 impressions come from? Well, if you click on countries (see below) you will see the countries which your webpage is showing up in most.

getting your website to the top of google

As you can see, the top 2 countries in this example are India and Indonesia. I now need to decide whether this is of use to me. Do I want to show up even more in India and Indonesia or not? These might not be my target markets. So let’s take another of our top seen pages and click on the Countries tab again. This time you can see that we are showing up most in the USA, which is our target market. This, therefore, would be a webpage that is worth looking at in more detail.

google search console results

google search console performance

So, are there any search terms which I haven’t included in my blog post? Well, the post in question is titled Aweber vs Constant Contact.

When I went back to look at the post I realised that apart from the title of the blog post I had not included the search term anywhere! Bit of a school boy error! But this is exactly why this is a good thing to do from time to time.

So, next up is to go down through the search terms that you have shown up for and check each of them in Google to see which of them is getting some good search volume.

How do you do this I hear you ask?

Well, we use a free tool called Keywords Everywhere which gives you the search volumes right inside Google for any search you make. Google Keywords Everywhere and you will see a Chrome Extension link.  Add this to your Chrome browser and every time you do a search you will see something like this.

keywords everywhere

You can see the number of monthly searches highlighted under the search term. This is an absolute goldmine for us. Especially with the Related Keywords and the People Also Searched For sections as well. These are like LSI (Latent Semantic Index) keywords – Google it!

So, if we go back to the previous example you will see that one of the search terms we are being found for is Aweber WordPress Plugin.

how to rank higher on google 2019

So, when we go to Google we see that this term is getting 110 searches per month. Now, I know that isn’t huge but it is pretty good. At the end of the day, if you get found for 50 search terms that are all being searched for, 110 times per month that alone is 5500 impressions per month – for free!

So, maybe we can shoehorn this term into an existing post or maybe it is diverse enough that it could have a blog post all of its own? Further down the list is another term prime for the taking!

how to rank website on google first page

Now this one has a ton of potential and this is where Keywords Everywhere comes into its own. You can see that whilst it only gets 90 searches a month, it only has 109k competing pages. If you can write a great review post you can get a good deal of that traffic to your web page. Become an affiliate of both Getresponse and Convertkit and you will get sales. What’s more, in the related keywords section you wills see an even better possiblility – Getresponse vs Activecampaign.

But we are getting off the trail!

Now, as I said at the top, our website is relatively young so it will be able to give us some great intel over the coming months. Give it a go and see how you get on. If you get stuck please get in touch and we ca guide you through it. Just remember, it is far easier to tweak what you already have than just keep grinding away trying to come up with new content all the time.

So if you were wondering How to Rank your Website Higher in Google, now you know!

All the best.


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