How to set up affiliate marketing website

how to set up affiliate marketing website

“How to set up an affiliate marketing website”

how to set up affiliate marketing website

So, here you are! You have been researching about how to make some extra income online and it has brought you to us – Welcome! You are now wondering how to set up affiliate marketing website. Am I right

As you have chosen to read this article, we are guessing that you already know what affiliate marketing is (go here if you don’t) ?

So you know that the best way to build a lasting and successful affiliate marketing income is to have a website.

But where do you start I hear you ask?

Well obviously you need to buy a domain. You should look for something that is a .com (these are looked at more favorably by Google) and also something that is catchy. Remember you may want to make videos in the future so you don’t want to be saying check out our blog at “how to make extra money whilst in your pajamas on a weekend .com”! Rather something like “Hi it’s Jon at

These can be found at various places, the best 2 from our experience are amd For just a few bucks you can be up and running in no time.

TIP: There will be an upsell offering you Privacy for your domain – Take it!

Yes it costs a little bit more but believe me it will stop you getting bombarded with phone calls from web design companies offering their services for the 2 weeks after you buy the domain! Trust us we know!

Next up you will need somewhere to host your website. Hosting is a service which makes your website accessible across the world to all users of the internet. This can cost as little or as much as you want. If you are starting out I would recommend Hostpapa. We have been with them for 10 years and they have an amazing live chat facility which gets any problems sorted out for you very  quickly. Web hosting starts from as little as $3.95 per month and for this you can expand to 2 websites.

So, what next? How to set up affiliate marketing website?

What do you need to do to build a website? Well there are many different possibilities but the most popular by far is to build your website on WordPress. Over 30% of all websites are built on the WordPress platform due to its ease of use and functionality. It can be activated right from within your hosting dashboard (which is known as the CPanel). You can set up a beautiful website in an hour which is fantastic.

So, what do you write about?

This is a question that I hear asked time and time again. “I don’t know where to get ideas on what to write about!”

There are so many places out there on the internet which can give you so many ideas. Here are just a few of the ones that we use daily.

  • Our email inbox – what are other marketers writing about
  • Amazon Kindle Bestsellers in our niche – find out what is hot and try writing about that
  • National online newspaper headlines – you can often find some hot topics here to write about
  • Websites showing viral content like and

How often should I write a new blog post?

This is another question that gets asked a lot. Most successful bloggers will tell you that you should try to blog daily. After all, the successful Instagrammers and Vloggers put out new content daily so why should bloggers be any different? It works for them!

We started this website in December as a new project. Our number one goal for 2019 was to add a new blog post daily which we are achieving at the time of writing this.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the number of visitors to this site showing the 4800% increase in a 3 week period due to blogging daily (Monday to Friday)

You can read the whole case study HERE

This shows that it flat out works!

Where can this lead?

Well, if you put in the effort and write quality content on your niche subject the world is your oyster! By putting related offers inside your website you start to get a growing number of website visitors, all of whom have the potential to sign up to your offers or buy the products that you are promoting. As you can see, in just 3 weeks we have gone up by 4800% which as the weeks progress will just get bigger and bigger. Imagine in 6 months time, how many website visitors we will be getting? Affiliate marketing is a numbers game – the more people you get through your system, the more money you will make.

Not only that, but all the posts you write stay on the internet bringing you daily website traffic on autopilot. You may have heard of passive income and asked whether or not it was a myth. Well as you can see it is a reality. Write the post once and watch it bring you potential customers for years to come.

Want to see the financial effect, writing daily can do for you?

Where Can I Learn More?

We hear you! The post you have just read is just a quick skim through the process of building an affiliate marketing website. To give you ALL the steps would take ages. So, where do we recommend you get this kind of information?

There are a whole host of places out there promising you the training to make your affiliate marketing journey a success. After over 10 years of running an online business we have seen a lot come and go. We have been members of a lot of programs too! But there is one platform that above all others is our No.1 recommendation.

It gives you 2 free websites, free web hosting, free starter training and a huge online community of over 1 million people across the world all waiting to help you with any questions you will have.

Not only that but because they are spread far and wide you will get an answer within minutes! It really is an awesome community.

You can also give it a test run for as long as you like for FREE – yes FREE!

Click on the Image below and Find out all the Details

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