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“Check out our One Minute Free Traffic Review – No Social Media Required”

Getting traffic is the No.1 priority for your online business, agreed? Without it, you can have the best product offering on the internet, but you will not sell anything!

It really is a numbers game.

There are 2 types of traffic – free and paid. It has to be said that many of the free traffic methods cost you something – time!

Facebook Ads have been pushing their prices up considerably as a result of ad saturation. Bing Ads, whilst very competitively priced just doesn’t have the reach. And Google Ads have just gone through a revamp so nobody knows how they are going to pan out yet. Many people consider Youtube ads as the cheapest paid traffic online at the moment, but they are complex to run.

So, to find a free traffic method that works is always a true gem!

Enter One Minute Free Traffic

This product is the latest offering from 2 ultra successful online marketers, brothers Matt and John Rhodes. They have joined forces to bring you this absolute no brainer product which will bring you traffic, guaranteed.

It focuses on Quora as the traffic source.

Now we already use Quora for traffic getting and it works well. We are therefore excited to see how this course will ramp up our results so we will be putting together a case study which we will give to all of you that buy through our link.

As you can see here we have already had 2800 views on our answers this month.

As you can also see, we get upvotes on our answers as well which gives them even more credibility.

This strategy is not something that you can just dabble in now and again. It is something that you will want to do on a daily basis. The beauty of it is the fact that your answers will not only be ranked in Google but also will get views for weeks and months afterwards.

Another beauty of this is also the fact that it works in any niche, not just the make money online niche. You also don’t need to be good at copywriting either. Just write answers to peoples questions as if they were a friend.

So, what is Quora?

Quora is a social involvement site compared to a social network site like Facebook or Twitter. People ask questions and you have the ability to answer them. The website is well established at over 10 years old and Google loves it, ranking its pages very highly throughout its search results. Quora is a top 100 website in terms of popularity and traffic levels and it also has over 300 million monthly users. This gives you website traffic from real people not bots!

As adults we ask over 300 questions every day as we go about our everyday lives. Our minds are constantly looking for answers and this will not change. Therefore sites like Quora are an absolute goldmine for you to answer questions and get followers and even make sales.

How do you use Quora?

The training within One Minute Free Traffic walks you through everything right from the start. It gives you the details of how to sign up for a free account and also how to optimize your profile. I must admit, it would have been nice to see an example of a well completed profile!

The training then takes you through what topics to choose and also how to find the right questions to answer. It also shows you examples of what NOT to go after, which is really useful. The guys also give you a secret topic that has over 450k followers which will give you a ton of possibilities.

In total there are 22 videos which really walks you through the best way to use Quora to get people to your websites and your offers.

If you are not good at selling or maybe you find it hard to sell, then this strategy is right up your street! Quora frown at people who try to sell on its platform and will take down posts that are seen as spammy. Therefore all you need to do is mention or recommend links to people.

Some Great Ideas

The guys not only show you how best to answer questions on Quora, although some actual examples would have been nice, but they give you some great ideas as well. They show you briefly how to use Quora together with Facebook and your email list.

Due to the absence, in the main, of actual examples of what you should write as an answer. I found it useful to put John S Rhodes into the search bar inside Quora and then took a look at his posts/answers to see how he formulates them. Success leaves clues after all!

There are a few upsells in the funnel. First one is an upgraded version of the training at $63. However, if you decline the offer you will get a downsell come up at just $37 for the same product. Now if you want to go one better, you can decline that again and still get the product (minus the bonuses) for just $17.  There is then a final upsell which is a resller package for $72+. I have put + because it is on a dimesale which increases every sale.

So, overall, I think this course does give you a lot to work with. Yes, some actual examples would have been nice but at the end of the day it is only $12! Personally as a user of Quora for getting traffic, I can definitely see the worth in this course. As we said before anyone buying through our link will get a copy of our upcoming case study showing our results using Quora as a traffic getter.

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