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“The Profit Portal from Kenny Cannon and Saul Maraney”

I bought this myself today and at just $4.95 it really is a no-brainer. With over 2 hours of content, Kenny goes through a free and a paid list building strategy that I had not come across before.

The model they use is responsible for over $10million in sales to date so it flat out works. It is not just some old rehashed garbage that will be dead and buried by next month!

Within the training you will also discover 2 strategies for list building. One is free and the other is paid. Neither of them have I heard before in my 10 years of running an online business. Believe me, it is worth the 4.95 just for that!

You get a full walkthrough of how to pick a product to promote. If you have been in the internet marketing arena for a while you will know how it works.

Every day your email inbox lights up with a ton of new product launches. Think of this!

You are not alone! Every new product launch has a ton of people promoting it. So, you just disappear into the noise. What if you could do something different that made you stand out from the crowd? Would that be good?

Well, Kenny walks you through how to do just that – must admit, I had never thought of it before. He even includes a done for you email template that he has used to make a ton of money.

You will also learn how to pick products that have the right type of funnel attached to them. Ones that give you, the affiliate, the best chance of making good money. This is based on numbers and not what the product is about. Makes total sense.

You also get 2 bonuses with the product. One is a case study from Saul of how he pushes sales to the products he promotes and how he manages to be on the leaderboards regularly.

The other bonus is a Live Q and A for the Profit Portal itself. That way if you have any questions you can get them answered.


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  1. Thanks for the great tip guys. I hope you got credit for my sign up because I accessed it through your email link not your blog post. It might work out better for you to just post your link to this post next time…I don’t know. Just hope you got credit is all. I signed up for the webinar Saturday, but I did not see a link to the back office. This sounds like a wonderful program. I’m looking for the catch though; have to be honest. I wonder if they actually give the prospective customer time to see the actual difference before thay hit them with the $97 a month bill, or whatever it is going to be. Worth looking into anyway at that rate. Thanks again. Oh, and thanks for the capture page offer with Hello Bar as well.

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