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If you have been in the online marketing space for even a short space of time, you will know that every day there are a succession of new product launches coming out. Many of them are just rehashed versions of someone else’s training. Some are even renamed from a previous product launch so it is old news! Yes really!

I actually received an email from a millionaire marketer (I will not name them) yesterday that stated how he often buys a product from someone else and if it is any good he will buy the PLR rights to it and change the name, add a bit of his own material and resell it under a different name!

So, rather than just promote any old rubbish we try wherever possible to buy the product that we are planning to promote. That way we can give you an informed decision on whether it is any good and whether to spend your hard earned cash on it!

So, up stepped Profit Raider!

Profit Raider Review – It is by 2 guys we had not heard of before – Edwin Mik and Samuel Cheema. Let’s take a look at the sales page in more detail.

profit raider review

As with many internet marketing products the sales pages are quite hypey. What you need to understand is that these figures are what they achieved, maybe once or twice! It doesn’t mean that you will make this amount every day!

However, if you can  find products like this that are case study products, they are usually better.

We will not bore you with the rest of the sales page but rather show you inside the members area.

What is Profit Raider About?

With Facebook Ads becoming more and more expensive and accounts being suspended all over the place, this is a little different. It takes you inside the Bing Ads platform. Many people don’t entertain Bing because they think nobody goes there. Mistake! It is owned by Microsoft. With Microsoft being the system of choice on most new PC’s around the world, many people keep Bing as their default browser.  Bing and Yahoo joined forces in terms of their search engines and show each others results. Therefore Bing now has over 33% of all the searches made on the internet. It is believed to be about 9.6 billion searches per month! Now who wouldn’t like to get in front of that traffic?

Add into the mix that there are far fewer advertisers on Bing. Also, it is widely regarded that Bing users are more likely to spend money than Google users. Liking the odds so far?

Lets take a look inside the members area:

profit raider members area

As you can see, it is not a huge product in terms of info, but don’t let that fool you.

We have used Bing Ads a few times over the years and this training taught us quite a few things. Like what Bing looks for on your landing page. Like which boxes to tick in the actual ad set up (very useful). And if you cannot afford to run paid advertising just yet, don’t worry! The guys have also added a free strategy which having used, does actually work!

What Else is in The Course?

One nice touch is that they give you the details on how to get hold of Bing Coupons. This can give you up to $100 of free advertising. That way you can give this strategy a try for nothing! This case study is also using the make money online niche, which these days, is quite unusual. Many case studies are made outside of the MMO niche because they are easier to do outside of the MMO niche!

Admittedly, they are promoting 3 particular affiliate programs,, which they will get commissions from if you sign up through them! But they are good offers. You also get 2 additional case studies as well.

The guys use the Bing Keyword Tool to do their research which is useful as you will be using Bing.

Our Exclusive Bonuses

Now if you have heard enough to get you interested, just see what we have for you!

Purchase through our link below and we will give you the following 2 complete training’s as bonuses.

Profit Raider is only $12.95

(Once you have purchased, send us an email at with a copy of your receipt to get our bonuses)


We hope you enjoyed our Profit Raider Review. Comment Below if you feel the desire!



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