What is Hello Bar

“What is Hello Bar”

So, you have go your website up and running and you have written some content for it? You have started to get website visitors through maybe both free and paid strategies.

Many times you have been told that you need to build a list of subscribers! You have been told by everyone and his dog that “the money is in the list!”

But how exactly do you do that?

Well, first off you need to read our blog post on the best way to build an email list from scratch!

Then, if you are just starting out, you will probably want to keep your costs to a minimum, am I right?

You are already paying for an autoresponder but you want to know the best way to get people onto your lists. After all, there is no point paying for one if you are not going to get people on your list is there?

Well, over the years we have tried lots of tools and learned lots of different strategies. But even after all this time an exit pop up still works like gangbusters. The good thing about an exit pop up is that they do not get affected by pop up blockers. When Google introduced the Chrome Ad Blocker back in February 2018 it saw the demise of many types of pop up, especially the ones which pop up on arrival at a website or after a few seconds. These are now binned off by the Chrome Blocker! However, the exit intent pop ups are exempt from this ruling as they are deemed as behaviour based pop ups.

So, you will be looking for a free pop up tool to get you started – yes?

Well, Hello Bar might just fit your bill!

Like I said, we have tried many over the years but this one really hits the mark in terms of ease of use, functionality and also its built in analytics.

First you need to set up your account at Hello Bar

Once you have done that you will see this screen. The arrow shows the button you need to click to create your first pop up. You will see the results we have got so far. The reason for having ‘Emails Collected” and “Clicks” is that we have a top bar which is permanent and an exit intent pop up.

what is hello bar

I must just add that this website is only 2 months old and we only started putting regular content on it in January 2019, so the figures are pretty good.

Click on Create a New PopUp

Once you click to Create a New PopUp, you will be taken to this next screen where you can choose which type of pop up you want to use. Let’s not forget that this is only the Free version of the pop up tool!

Pretty self explanatory! If you are an online marketer you will probably be wanting to collect emails in the first instance. If you are a local business, then you may want to get phone calls. Personally  I don’t see the point of the announcement option as these tools are meant to be used to get the visitor to take an action. I am also not a big fan of the Social Traffic option either as you should be looking to get people FROM social network not going TO your social network profiles.

Now, we said we have 2 on our site, well the Target a URL is the other one we use. This sits at the top of our website with a Call to Action button on it driving people to HERE

This can also work with affiliate links etc.

So, let’s take a closer look at the Pop Up Editor

The platform walks you through the process enabling you to create your pop up just how you would like it – colours, fonts etc.

You can see on the left, the various sections that you work through – Goal, Type, Design etc

On the Type section you an see the different choices you have. We have a Bar on the top of our website and a Modal popup which comes up in the middle of the screen on exit intent. Personally I am not keen on the Page Takeover as I think it is annoying and the Alert is not visual enough!

The next section is the Design and this is where you get a ton of things to change according to your choice. Whilst you cannot see it on my screenshot, you do get to see what you are creating on your screen right in front of you in real time.

As you can see, you can choose different templates and these all depend on which pop up you have chosen. For example on the Bar popup you get 30 different types to choose from and 12 on the Modal type. These have the text and buttons in different places. In the Text Fields you get to stipulate which fields you want to show – if you are creating an Email Collection popup. You can have Email, Name, Phone or a Custom field in any combination.

Again depending on the type of popup you can change the way the text looks, what text you want on there, the fonts, the colours and more.


Next up are the Settings.

You can choose to have your popup enter the screen rather than just appear. Unless you pay to upgrade you do have to have the Hello Bar branding on your pop up. With the advent of the GDPR Data Protection regulations in May 2018, it is good to see that they have given you the ability to add that here as well. Then finally you get to choose when you want it to appear. Like I have said, with ad blockers as they are you are better off choosing the Exit Intent option.

You next have the ability to choose who see your pop up. For example if someone has already opted in, you don’t want to annoy them by showing it to them again!

Finally you get the chance to say what happens to the website visitor after they click your button. Again, if you want to synchronise your autoresponder with Hello Bar, you will need to upgrade your account. But to start off it is not too annoying to manually copy your new subscribers details and paste them into your autoresponders list.

Now if you cannot bear the thought of copy and pasting and want an easier life here are the upgrade options.

To finish, here are just some of the big companies that put their trust in Hello Bar

 Check out this Live Webinar


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